Wonder, Magic & Joy

There’s a question I’ve been pondering the last week or two. It’s one I’ve asked several times, one that’s been asked of me multiple times.

“Are you ready for Christmas?”

This question usually means, are you ready for December 25th? Do you have your gifts bought and your menu planned?

I get that.

But this question has made me think that we’ve {I’ve} relegated Christmas to just one day and that makes me sad.

When I relegate Christmas to just one day, I stress about the planning and “getting things done” instead of enjoying the entire process as “Christmastime”.

Christmas is about the preparation, the decorating, the cookie baking… not just having those things done before December 25th.

So in these last hours before December 25th, let’s commit to enjoying the journey. Let’s remember that Christmas isn’t just one day but a season of special preparations, generosity, wonder, magic and joy!

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