5 Texts Your Teen Needs to Receive from You

Parenting, in any stage of your child’s life, has it’s challenges. Parenting infants and toddlers can be physically exhausting.

Parenting tweens, who are geniuses at figuring out where the boundaries are, can make you want to sit in a corner and cry sometimes.

And then there are the teen years… Our culture tells us that these are the hardest, and, in some ways, they may be. But if we understand that our children are growing and learning in each season and that it’s all necessary for them to reach adulthood, we don’t have to approach the teen years with dread.

Generally teens are busy with school, extracurricular activities, and possibly after school jobs. They are often consumed with a social schedule that can make a time management guru cringe.

Connection with teens can seem impossible as they are busy and also developing their own life, apart from you as their parent.

But connection is so important in these years. Intentional connection (or not) sets the stage for what your relationship with your child will look like for the rest of their adult lives.

One simple way to maintain connection and communicate with your teen is through texting. It certainly doesn’t take the place of face to face communication but it is a way to stay connected in a fast-paced world.

Here’s 5 texts that your teen needs to receive from you. Words that will help make them secure in your bond as parent and child. Words that will fill their love tank!

  • “I’m so proud of you.” Send it after a good report card, game well-played, concert performed… or after a horrible day, that is filled with the opposite. Your teen needs to know that you are proud of him or her and that you are ‘for’ them – no matter what.
  • “Do you have time for coffee/icecream this week?” Schedule a time for personal connection. Show that you are wanting to spend time with them.
  • “I bought you that ______ you’ve been wanting!” Some people feel loved by receiving gifts. You will make their day with this one.
  • “Thank you for {doing the dishes/taking out the trash/cleaning your bedroom}.” Even when certain chores that are your kids’ responsibility, being thanked goes a long way in them feeling loved and appreciated.
  • “I’m praying for you today.” Find out when they have big tests or hard practices. Make sure they know you are praying for them.

Parenting teens has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of my life. Connect with your teens using their ‘language’, i.e.: texting. Be intentional about it. Make sure they are secure in your love for them! Send that text today, parent!

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