What’s on the Bookshelf Next?

Looking forward to a bit of down time over Christmas vacation? I am! I actually am choosing to be very intentional about not getting caught up in the frenzy of life before Christmas hits.

I have plans to enjoy the next 6 or 7 weeks of holidays. I plan to put my tree up early and enjoy some reading beside the twinkling lights.

There’s nothing like sitting next to a beautiful tree and a fireplace with a hot drink in a beautiful mug, and a book in hand. {I can feel it now}

I haven’t read a book all the way through in months and it. is. time.

I love to read. I go through seasons where I read more and then some when I have less time to read. This has definitely been a season of less but it’s time for that to change!

Below, are a few of the books on my shelf that have been waiting for me. Now, where to start? Any suggestions?


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  1. I’m reading “the best yes”right now. It’s very good. Being intentional with our oh so little ‘time’ and maintaining “unbroken companionship with God”

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