Write 31 Days – Day 14: Love Well

“Save souls and love people well.” 

~Gramma Marie Demmel~

Recently, I attended the most impacting funeral I have ever been too. Gramma Marie wasn’t really my grandmother but she still loved on me every time she saw me. And I’m not any different than any one else – she loved on everyone she came across. And she loved incredibly well.

As I sat through her funeral, and several of her adult grandchildren spoke and then her two sons spoke, there was a beautiful thread through it all.

They told stories of how much she enjoyed life. Of how much she enjoyed her family. Of how well she pursued relationship with her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren.

And Marie’s family told the full church just what her advice to us all would be, that we all would love well and save souls. Those are the two things that matter most in life. Gramma Marie was a wonderful example of that. One that we can all follow after.

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This is Day 14 of my “31 Days of not-so-famous Quotes” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all about this 31 day venture, please visit the overview page HERE.

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