Write 31 Days – Day 13: Questionable Leadership

“Leaders who can’t be questioned, end up doing questionable things.”

~Jon Acuff~

I love this but let me clarify my thoughts from the very start. This is not about leaders having to be held in question by just anyone. I think specifically about pastors, and know that some congregants would take this as a license to question their pastor’s motives about everything. Not what this means.

This is about leaders having their safe place. People they can trust their heart with. Everyone should have at least one person – including those in leadership.

When you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off…

When you don’t have anyone to cheer you on…

When you don’t have any one to share your struggles with…

The enemy likes to come in and begin to wear you down, leading to burnout and often, sin issues.

So, do yourself a favor, pastors and leaders, find someone to be that safe place for you! Let them into your life and let them speak life into you. You’ll be a better leader for it. And you’ll save yourself from some of the attacks of the enemy.

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This is Day 13 of my “31 Days of not-so-famous Quotes” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all about this 31 day venture, please visit the overview page HERE.

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