Write 31 Days – Day 11: What Love Can Handle

“You cannot have an emotion that Love cannot handle.”

~Christa Black-Gifford~

We typically label emotions – negative or positive. Things like depression, anger, vengeance and sadness we would call “negative”. Things like happiness, contentment, empathy, and forgiveness we would call “positive”.

We often will tell someone having a negative emotion to, “get your emotions under control”. We want our kids to curb negative emotions. Displaying negative emotions is frowned upon.

And, while, we have good motives, I fear we have created emotionally unhealthy people in all our good intentions.

One of the biggest dangers of not identifying with negative emotions or “stuffing” negative emotions, is that we don’t let God in on our true selves.

Because people cannot handle negative emotions being felt, we tend to try to hide them from God too.

But if I’ve learned anything about our God over the past years, it’s that He can totally handle me at my ugliest. He can handle my deepest negativity. He can handle my anger, my guilt, my tendency to judge and my prideful attitudes.

God is Love. There is nothing I have felt or will feel that Love cannot handle. So, I may as well come to Him with my truest emotions, letting Him heal my heart so that I can find my way to health in my emotional well-being.

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This is Day 11 of my “31 Days of not-so-famous Quotes” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all about this 31 day venture, please visit the overview page HERE.


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