Write 31 Days – Day 4: Fear of Arrogance

“I will not let the fear of looking arrogant hold me back from doing all God’s called me to do.” ~Dani Stroda~

OK, this one is mine. And I’m not sure I’ve even uttered it to another soul. But it’s something the Lord spoke to me several months ago.

Arrogance is not cool. I’m sure I’ve crossed over into it more than once in my life but honestly, I really don’t want to live there. It’s ugly in others. It’s ugly in me.

But fear… the fear of anything – that is holding me back from God’s fullest life for me is no bueno. I cannot sit reserved and timid because I’m afraid of how I might be perceived by others. And neither can you!

Be confident. Go after your dreams and your purpose. Let love for God and love for people be your motivation. And then run! Don’t let the fear of looking arrogant – or anything else – stand in your way!

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This is Day 4 of my “31 Days of not-so-famous Quotes” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read this series in order, go to the overview page, HERE.

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