Write 31 Days – Day 2: Be A Path Clearer

“People will go the right way if the path is clear. Be a path clearer.”

~Mitch Stroda~

As believers, it’s easy to get frustrated with people who just don’t “get it”. People who don’t understand that God’s way truly is the best way. That giving your life to Jesus is seriously the best decision you could ever make.

But rather than living in frustration with people and our motivation getting tainted, making the decision to be a path clearer is the way to go.

A path clearer gets rid of obstacles instead of builds them. A path clearer prepares the way for people to walk through easily.

If a path is cleared, people will choose to take that road. We must clear the pathway to Jesus instead of throwing stumbling rocks onto the road!

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This is Day 2 of my “31 Days of not-so-famous Quotes” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read this series in order, go to the overview page, HERE.


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