Write 31 Days… Year Three!

In 2014, I was just a couple years into my Whimsy in My Cup blog journey, though I had blogged off and on for our ministry and on a homeschool site for six years. I was getting a bit more serious about my writing – in the amount of time I put into it and with thoughts of earning somewhat of an income with my written words.

When I came across the Write 31 Days challenge, I was intrigued yet daunted by the task. I prayed about it, mused about it, thought about and ultimately jumped into that challenge in October 2014. (Find that 31 day topic and beginning post HERE) Again, last year, I pondered whether I would join in again – and I did. (Find last year’s beginning post HERE)

And here we are again, just days away from October 1st – day one of another Write 31 Days challenge. And here I am once again, excited, yet a bit daunted by the challenge and commitment. But, after much consideration and evaluation of the time commitment, I’m ready to jump in to another year of Write 31 Days!

I hope you’ll join me as I journey through some “not-so-famous” quotes and how the wisdom of the composer has affected me. Beginning on Saturday, October 1st, I will have a daily post up here at Whimsy in My Cup for the entire month of October. They’ll be quick reads but inspirational, encouraging and full of insight into life. See you on Saturday, y’all!

new dani whimsy

Day 1: Relentlessly Kind

Day 2: Be a Path Clearer

Day 3: A Night Owl

Day 4: Fear of Arrogance

Day 5: Are You Impressed?

Day 6: Wine For the Drunk

Day 7: Rules and Relationship

Day 8: The Sin Factor

Day 9: Redefined

Day 10: Don’t Worry About It

Day 11: What Love Can Handle

Day 12: No Smoking

Day 13: Questionable Leadership

Day 14: Love Well

Day 15: Promises and Character

Day 16: God Calls it Control

Day 17: Minus Love

Day 18: Where Are You Sitting?

Day 19: Creativity

Day 20: Controlling Behavior

Day 21: Get Up!

Day 22: What’s Scary to God?

Day 23: How’s Your Performance?

Day 24: Far Better

Day 25: Not Just Healed, Whole

Day 26: Long Days

Day 27: God is in Control?

Day 28: The Same Story

Day 29: What’s the Problem?

Day 30: Too Busy or Prioritizing?

Day 31: The Play is Over

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