Tips on Maintaining Connection in Relationships

Recently, I taught at a local ministry school on the topic of “connection”. As I was preparing for that service, I asked my Facebook friends to give me their best tips on maintaining connection in relationship.

I had over 30 comments on that Facebook post and there was a lot of wisdom that was shared. Here’s a few of my favorites, compiled, to encourage us all in the area of connection in our relationships!

1. Vulnerability is your greatest strength. We are not whole until we are in community.

2. No matter how long it’s been since you last saw them – pick up where you left off. Laugh, giggle, whisper, cry… do all the things you did that started the friendship.

3. Don’t become too busy that you let your friends and family go.

4. Authentic, vulnerable, purposeful communication and interaction. Looking into someone’s eyes… actually seeing their face.

5. Time is so valuable. Time, unconditional time.

6. Selflessness. Connecting with the other person in the way they need connection, rather than your mode of connection.

7. Intentionality. Without it, life just goes by and we forget to connect.

8. Creating a safe place where people feel they can trust and be trusted. In that place, vulnerability happens and somehow communication seems easier. 

9. Connection is being with the person in their moment of happiness, sadness, etc… not trying to put your agenda first, but seeking to understand what that person needs in the moment. 

10. Sometimes it was late at night when our son REALLY wanted to talk… so we stayed up!

11. Boundaries for me are crucial in maintaining healthy relationships.

12. Eye to eye connection… So many people are lonely because God created us for heart to heart, soul to soul connection – not a wi-fi connection.

13. The hardest part of communication for me is the first step. Pick up the phone and ask to get together. I procrastinate or think I’m too busy to do one of the most important things Jesus asks us to do.

~By: my wise Facebook friends 😉

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