Is it Even Possible to Have a Quiet Time as a Christian Mom?

Blogger’s note: Whimsy in My Cup is not purely a ‘women’s blog’ or a ‘mommy blog’ but today’s post is geared to all my mama’s out there! 

I’ve been a Christian since I was 7 years old. I’ve been a mom for nearly 18 years. All of my life, I’ve heard that, to be a good Christian, you have to

read your Bible,

pray and

go to church.

We don’t always use that wording but it seems that these are the three things Christianity is often boiled down to.

I think these are three very good things to do. I also think that this narrow view of what a Christian is and the ability to check off (or not) these things, is actually a detriment to, what is supposed to be a very real and experiential relationship with a very real and near God.

The days we cannot tick off the “big three”, we judge and condemn ourselves and, because of the shame, pull away from the Lord. The more this happens, we can find ourselves feeling a million miles away from the One with whom we long to have a relationship.

Throw motherhood into this equation and we have many women feeling as though being both a “mommy” and a “good Christian” is pretty much impossible. We barely have time for a shower, how do we have time to pray and read our Bibles and, some weeks, even get to church on Sunday?

I know incredible women who have woken up earlier than their children all their lives to get that daily Bible and prayer time in. I admire that and wish I could have been disciplined enough to do that, but it’s not been my experience. Does that mean there’s no hope for me, as a busy mom, to be a good Christian as well? A big fat no!

Because, here’s the deal – though we need to spend time in the Word, we need to pray and of course, go to church – it doesn’t have to always have to look like 60, 30 or even 15 minutes of uninterrupted “quiet time”.

If being a Christian truly is a relationship, not a bunch of rules or behavioral standards, we can totally do relationship in the midst of mommying. Here’s a few keys…

Don’t read your Bible to check it off the “good Christian” daily list. Read it to feed your spirit. Sometimes you only get a verse or two read. And that’s OK! One simple, yet profound, truth from his living Word can nourish your spirit all day long (or even a couple days if that’s the way life rolls).

You don’t have to hide yourself in the closet to pray. Prayer truly is “having a conversation with God”. It’s lovely to have an uninterrupted conversation – I don’t get many of them as a mom, how about you? You can have a running conversation with God all. day. long. Prayer doesn’t have to be a religious, bow your head and close your eyes, time. Just talk to Him throughout your day, telling Him how you’re feeling, asking for His wisdom and help, and expecting Him to talk back!

And the last of the big three… Going to church. I highly recommend being involved in a family of believers – we need each other. If you miss a week because… you know, life… don’t get condemned, go the next Sunday. Can’t be involved in every service or small group throughout the week? Embrace the season you’re in, and connect where you can.

Our relationship with the Lord is an eternity-long connection. Don’t let crazy human standards heap shame on you. Connection doesn’t look the same for every body and every relationship. The important thing is you don’t disconnect or pull away from Him. Draw near, any way you can, in the midst of the craziness of life and parenting. He promises, if you draw near to Him, He’ll draw near to you! (James 4:8)


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