August Challenge: Four Steps to Starting the School Year Right

The other day, while beginning to clean off my desk, I became painfully aware of the need for the “end of summer regroup”. It happens every year, about August or September, I become more goal-centered, organize-savvy, and just all around feel a need for a regroup. Last year, I called it Operation: Get My Sh** Together (read about it HERE).

This year I don’t feel as it’s near as drastic as that but I definitely feel the need for the re-organizing and re-evaluating on what’s up in my life right now. And I certainly need to get on top of my home management – finances, cleanliness and the like have been put on the back burner all summer.

I’m not too sorry about that, as we’ve had a wonderful family-centered summer but now that school’s about to start back up… it’s time.

Here’s what I’m doing over the month of August to start the Fall season off fresh and clean. Join me!

Clean out my space. My little office area consists of a desk and a few drawers right in the middle of the family living area. It collects not only my home, business and ministry things but often, everyone else’s too. Time to clear the clutter… most of which will hit the garbage can!

Dust off my planner. Most of the summer, we’ve been on the road so there hasn’t been much need for a planner to keep track of activities and appointments. But now, school open houses, dance lessons and youth activities are ramping back up,  and I’m not going to make it through the next several weeks without writing it all down!

Make my “kids are in school” to-do list. I don’t know about you, but any sort of cleaning or DYI projects I have on my list do not get accomplished when the kids are home. (mainly because if the kids are home – we’re on the road!) But now that all kids will be gone at least half the day, I’m ready to tackle our overgrown storage room – among a few other projects this fall and winter!

Create a dreams and goals chart. This is often a beginning of the new year task but I find this back-to-school season actually seems more fitting to goal-setting and dreaming. This summer, I started a new business so I’m ready to get my business goals on paper. I’ve been dreaming of launching a consulting/coaching business for years and I think this Fall is the time. Where’s the poster board and gold sharpie? “Write the vision, make it plain…” ** has been shouting at me!

Who’s going to join me in these 4 steps this month? What other tips do you have for getting life back on track after the summertime break? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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P.S. The books linked below are catalystic in my life as I jump into this month of organizing, dreaming and achieving! If you order through the links below, your price will not change but, as an Amazon affiliate, I will receive a few pennies for your order. 🙂

**Habakkuk 2:2




  1. I’m not ready to think about starting back up with a schedule. This summer has been one of the best! (Mostly because I’m not pregnant or nursing 😉) last school year I adopted Havliah’s scheduling that she does for her family and I felt like it really worked well. It sounds like you basically do the same but I’ll share it anyways..
    1. Write out the week and what is going on each day on a different piece of paper other than the calendar. It helps get you focused in on the week.
    2. Write a list of things that need to get done and only set out to accomplish the 3 most important task each day.
    3. Rest day. Nothing to-do that is important. On that day let all the deicision making wait, don’t try to solves problems. Don’t answer emails or social media. Don’t do laundry. Make meals simple. She said for women in ministry they should do it the day after they have preached to cure the “preaching hang-over”

    1. I think you have an extra week or two before school starts for y’all so I don’t blame you for not thinking about it yet! 😉

  2. Totally feel ya on the need to declutter and organize. We just moved so I’m starting from scratch. In a way this is good but it’s also a bit overwhelming. I love Habakkuk 2:2 by the way. One of my fave verses! And anything by Lysa Terkeurst I’ll read!

    1. I hear ya on the overwhelming after a move! Praying for grace to tackle each project and area in time. It’s gonna be a great year!

  3. Until reading your article I hadn’t realize I too go through a reorganizing/decluttering/cleaning phase right before school starts up again. It’s very similar to the nesting phase of pregnancy:) Even though our school doesn’t officially begin until after Labor Day, we are naturally working ourselves back into a more structured routine/rhythm. Thanks to your article I now have the motivation I need. Thank you!

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