When Life’s a Beach, Go All-Inclusive

My husband and I first experienced an “all-inclusive resort” just last summer. At the time we planned the vaca, I was pregnant with our #5 and we decided to use some tax-refund money to enjoy a “just the two of us” few days before a crazy summer and then adding a baby to our crazy.

Just weeks before we were to go on that vacation, we miscarried our little guy and so the vacation became a beautiful place to grieve and to heal and to reconnect… just the two of us.

While we were there, we found out what some already know… All-inclusive is the bomb.com… and so we are currently enjoying a second round this year!

And, once again, as last year’s escape was a big breath of life while mourning the loss of our son, this year is a reprieve from some harsh realities of life on this planet. Life can be a bi*** for sure.

As we look around and see broken marriages every where – the Church not exempt – I am hit with the reality that this fun and relaxing vacation is that but also it is so much more. It is an investment into our marriage that is well worth any dollars spent.

As we look around and see people suffering from burn out and making horrible choices to deal with the stress, I am hit with the reality that embracing God’s commandment to “honor the Sabbath” has benefits far greater than getting a Sunday afternoon nap. Rest is a really big deal, y’all. And it’s commanded all over the place in the Bible.

Last year, we had summer plans that included lots of beach time – before we lost our baby. As we carried out those plans, in a season of grieving, I grabbed onto the phrase, “Life’s a Beach”. Because, frankly life was a bi*** but Jesus was bringing beauty from the ashes of our pain by giving us time at the beach. Kinda funny play on words.

So I’m thrilled to be on another vacation with my Beloved this year. I’m again remembering why “all-inclusive” is seriously the best invention ever. No purse, no wallet, no worries. No budgeting each days meals and fun drinks… it’s already taken care of… all we do is enjoy! We enjoy the rest. We enjoy the beach. We enjoy each other. And totally embrace the motto, that at least this week, Life’s a Beach!

cabo resort
Cabo, 2015

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