Today I Cried

Today I cried because I’m about to leave my firstborn child 1500 miles from home. And I know this is just the beginning of a new level of letting go.

Today I cried because I know this same girl is going to thrive and grow and totally rock out this next year of life.

Today I cried because as soon as we get home we are visiting with my baby’s pre-K teacher.

Today I cried because this baby girl is so excited and so ready for this season of her life.

Today I cried because I don’t have my Malachi to keep me company while everyone else goes off to school in the fall.

Today I cried because my middles are heading into their second year of public school in this season and my heart is happy because they totally overcame and killed it last year.

Today I cried over the way all my kids have grown in life this last year. I’m so proud of who they are and who they are becoming.

Today I cried over the lack we are experiencing in our lives right now.

Today I cried over the abundance we experience every day.

Today I cried over the miracles we have seen Him do in the last 2 weeks.

Today I cried over the opportunities we are still asking for.

Today I cried over people all around me who are hurting and broken and looking for Jesus… though they may not know it yet.

Today I cried over the beauty of these same people who Daddy God created with such uniqueness and purpose.

Today I cried over the vastness and creativity of God and His creation.

Today I cried over the parts of me that are still broken.

Today I cried over the parts of me He has restored and redeemed.

Today I cried… happy tears and sad ones. Joyful ones and agonizing ones. Fearful ones and grateful ones.

Today I cried.


  1. Like a mother bird who has to push her babies out of the nest, but for the joy of seeing them fly….and fly they will. Thanks Dani for you’re words.

  2. “Today I cried.” I had one of those “todays” this week also. What sweet release the tears brought as they flowed down. I couldn’t help praying that God’s loving grace and mercy would flow out of me as freely as the tears. Trusting Him for it to be so.

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