When You Have to Do it Afraid

Last week I jumped into something I honestly never pictured myself jumping into. I have joined the “It Works” team! No worries, Whimsy in My Cup, will not become one big sales pitch. I hate that as much as you do.

Really today, I’m sharing about the process of my decision. See, my personality is not a risk-taking one. Start up businesses scare me. Doing anything unconventional is not the way I’m wired.

By nature, I’m a rule-following, don’t rock the boat, only gamble at Yahtzee, kind of gal when it comes to the entrepreneurial world. But then I got married to someone who, by nature, is the complete opposite of that.

He’s a risk-taker, a problem-solver, a bend-the-rules, absolutely unconventional kind of guy. And I have begun to see that Jesus is a lot like that.

I have begun to see that sometimes you have to “do it afraid” when there’s an opportunity in front of you that is beckoning, “try me”.

I’ve been a distributor for a handful of things over the decades. And every single time, it’s been something I’ve decided to do just to have fun and if any income happened, it was a cherry on the top.

This time. This time is different.

Oh, I plan on having fun. This company and the products fit within my ‘who I am and what I’m about’ personal circle. I have a passion growing in me for the products. But this time, I’m jumping in to “It Works” with a business mentality. I want to succeed in this business.

And that scares me to death. Because…

What if I don’t?

When you take no risks and only do what you know you can do well, there’s no failure. Or at least, the fall is not very far. This is safe. This has been me.

But when you decide to invest, to take a risk on losing, it gets a little scary. The stakes are higher, the fall could be further, or… it could be a launching point to something amazing. I’m praying for that something amazing. I’m setting myself up to learn how to work for that something amazing.

And I’m doing it a little bit afraid.

new dani whimsy

If you ARE interested in knowing more about “It Works”, please visit my website. If not, don’t click the link. No worries. 🙂 


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