How to Do Life Well: My Favorites

I’ve come across a few tools that have had a huge impact on my life. Some have transformed my thinking, some have just made life a bit easier, all I have fallen in love with and really wouldn’t want to live without!

One note about the links, I’m an affiliate with Amazon which means…  if you place an order on Amazon by clicking my links, your price stays the same but I get a few pennies for your purchase! Thanks! 😉

BOOKS. They’re the books I quote over and over. The ones I go back to for reference and solutions. They aren’t just books I’ve read, but books I’ve underlined, marked in and spilt coffee on. Besides the Bible, these books have made the biggest mark on my life. I hope this list is a help to you!
Heart Made Whole. If you follow me on Facebook, you know how much I’m in love with this brand new book. Though author, Christa Black-Gifford, says it’s not a book, it’s a bomb! A bomb that goes off in your heart. True dat! What is within these pages will create an atmosphere for you to find healing for your heart and bring freedom to your soul!


 When it comes to doing relationship well, I haven’t read a better book than Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk. Amazon describes this book as one that will, “leave you with the power to draw healthy boundaries, communicate in love, and ultimately protect your connections”. Yes and amen!


Loving Our Kids on Purpose. To go along with KYLO, my favorite parenting book is also by Danny Silk. Again, he just knows what’s up when it comes to healthy relationships – including those between parent and child. I’ve taken a small group through this book and it is my go-to in parenting issues.


I could go on forever about books but life must be lived as well so let’s move on to the KITCHEN!
Coffee! I’m a fan of many different brews of coffee but while we’re here in the midst of summer, this Toddy Cold Brew System is beautiful! I could drink hot coffee all summer long, which I can do with this concentrate. But when an iced cold coffee is what’s needed on these 90* days, this is ready to go – smooth and delicious!
Magic Bullet was given to me around 5 years ago and it is used on a daily basis. Still rolling! I make smoothies, bulletproof coffee, guacamole, whipped cream and grind grains into flour with this tough cookie. Seriously, couldn’t live without it!

Oops, a couple more books in the kitchen too!

THM Plan Book and also the THM Cookbook . I’ve written a bit more extensively on this HERE , but my husband and I are huge fans of this eating lifestyle!




I love all the THM products but their Super Sweet Blend is the best for making ‘on-plan’ goodies!


Speaking of health, if you are a gym junkie, the outdoorsy type or just hanging at the pool this summer, check out these silicone rings. Keep a ring on your finger when you don’t want to keep your diamond on your finger, in fear of losing it!


Let’s move on to a couple office products and call it the end…

These gel highlighters are the bomb dot com. Especially if your Bible happens to have really thin pages. Not messy, not bleed-through, and I use them nearly every day.



OK, I don’t have this exact one but I. love. trays. I have one on my desk as a catch-all. Sometimes, I keep one on my bed – when I keep my house clean and beautiful. 😉 But my favorite is beside my couch on an end table that houses all my current reads and the above highlights and some pens. This one travels to any part of the house with me. Handy dandy!

There you have it – just a few of my most favorites to help me do life well! If you decide to start a shopping list from Amazon, remember to click the links to help me earn my coffee budget for the week!

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