Summertime Freedom and Flexibility

By nature, I’m a structured, organized person but over the last 8 years, as we’ve been traveling, I’ve swung to the other end of the spectrum. We had a traveling schedule but having a daily schedule or even a bedtime schedule for our family just could not happen.

We learned to become the type of family that thrives on freedom and flexibility. So, when we made the decision to put two of our four kiddos in public school this past year, we definitely weighed the sacrifice of our choice before making it. In the end, we knew it was the right thing and it has really been a great year for us!

Now that our traveling looks a little different and our kiddos have transitioned to public school life, the organized and structured me has started to return. Trying not to obsess with scheduling every minute of my day but, at the same time, bringing some sort of structure back into our lives. Ah, the tension of a well-lived life.

And now summer…

Summer vacation is, well, usually anything but a vacation in most households. Though, we haven’t filled up our summer with sports camps or summer jobs, we will be spending a lot of time on the road this year. Our family will be away from home, 33+ out of 60 days of the brief summer reprieve. Eek!

And, as much I love that we have the flexibility to do this, the re-emerging organizational part of me is freaking a little. It’s freaking because it knows, it will only be a blink and a half before it’s “Back to School” again. How much do I want to lean into freedom when I know structure will be needed again soon? Maybe you’re a bit like me.

So parents, for my household and yours, how do we be wise with our cherished summer break?

Enjoy the moment of freedom and flexibility. And use structure and organization to do that.

13 weeks, guys. The fact is, the summer season will pass in thirteen short weeks and we will all be back into the hustle and bustle of the upcoming school year. So, even if your summer is looking jam-packed with summer camps, traveling or summer jobs, be intentional about enjoying the season with your family.

Take advantage of the long summer days and plan for a few picnics, some trips to the park, a movie date with your teen. Go get ice-cream once a week. In fact, ask your kids right here at the start of summer break what they would like to see happen with your family this summer. I’m sure most teens will answer that they’ll want to sleep! But press them a little and see what fun things they’d enjoy doing and create a plan to make it happen!

Structure and organization can be our friend or our enemy. Freedom and flexibility have the same potential. Let’s use some organization to be intentional about using this summer’s freedom and flexibility for connecting with our kids and enjoying the moment!

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