Graduation: A Changing of the Seasons

I’m taking the liberty of swapping subjects between today and Friday… Today will be “Family, Coffee and Fun” and Friday will be “Ministry, Jesus, and the Word”. Enjoy! ūüôā¬†

The days are long but the years are short.

This quote has been resonating with me the last couple days. If you’re not in the right moment, the words seem mushy and trite. But, for me, as I am starting to feel the gravity of my firstborn graduating high school and getting ready to move across the country, these words ring so true.

This weekend we filled our home with 100+ friends and family¬†congratulating our daughter on her completion of high school and wishing her well as she will head off to ministry school soon. The celebration marks a changing of the seasons… which is wonderful and exciting and a bit brutal on a mama’s heart. But I’ll try not to cry too much… (Read all about that in THIS post)

I don’t feel like I was a great mom when my first three were littles. Though my dreams came true when I got married and had my first babies, I was selfish and a bit resentful towards my husband. I was a martyr and, like most young mamas, lonely in my mothering. I hate that I said, “hurry up” way too much that I didn’t get down and play house enough. I¬†didn’t cultivate the safe place that I so desire to be now. But experience and time and a little (no, a lot of) wisdom from friends who were a season or two ahead of me, helped me grow in my mothering and I’m grateful to say a lot of has changed.

But life is too way too short to sit around wishing you coulda, woulda done things differently. Seriously. While looking through old pics that we had displayed this weekend, I can’t believe how the years seriously passed so. dang. fast. As I look ahead, the next five will be gone in a blink as well. See, in three years we’ll do this whole graduation party thing again, and then again in another two years after that. Five years. In five short years, we’ll most likely be down to just three of us living in our home. (Praise Him for that surprise baby 9 years later… prolonging that ’empty nest’)

sisters stroda littles

Yes, indeed the years have been short. And yet, I remember the¬†season, when my first three were age 5 and under and I couldn’t see the end of that physically exhausting, yet rewarding part of our parenting journey. The days were long, sometimes the nights were longer but now I can clearly see that the years were so, so short.

So, as I process and celebrate and yes, even grieve a little in this moment, I¬†give a hearty “Amen!” to the beautiful friend who told me recently, “I’d do it all over again. All the mistakes, everything…” Because those long days turned into short years and, though I’m thrilled for the season ahead, I’m still missing those long days just a little.

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  1. Our daughter is also graduating in a few short weeks and leaving to be an au pair in Germany. I understand how you feel… xo

    1. Wow, Germany! Prayers for your family as you journey through this new, scary, exciting time! Our kids are going to rock the world!

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