I Work Ouuuuutttt

I work out!

In this season, I can say that and not be a liar! I also can say I eat healthy most of the time and not be making stuff up. Praise Him.

For me, and probably most people, doing the physically healthy things we know we should do, are a hit and miss, an ebb and flow. The ever-changing federal ‘recommendations’ don’t help out our fickleness either.

Here’s a couple things that are helping me in this season – with no guarantees I’ll be in the same place a year from now.

Trim Healthy Mama 

My husband and I discovered this way of eating over 2 years ago. When we jumped in at the beginning of 2014, we both lost 15-20 pounds within a few months – I got down to my ‘goal weight’, which was a number I hadn’t seen on the scale for years! Since then though, I’ve gone through a 10k training, a pregnancy, a miscarriage and then my body healing, and I’ll tell you there were many months of the last 18 that I wasn’t ‘on plan’ but in February of this year, my husband and I jumped back in and I’m on that downward trend again. Somebody say “halleluia!” 

More than just the weight loss, I feel healthier, more alive and not like I’m just dragging through life, when I eat the THM way. A big propelling point for us getting back on the THM wagon was their addition of an online membership. You pay a small monthly fee for this but what you gain is HUGE! The biggest selling point for me was the meal planning… I search and click through hundreds of recipes and drag them right into my week planner, then print out my grocery list. People, this is monumental! The hardest part of eating healthy is the planning aspect, because let’s be real, grabbing a bag of potato chips or a box of pop tarts when you’re hangry is so much easier than whipping up something (even though the something may only take 3 minutes).


THM Cake for Dinner… yummy!

Just For Ladies Gym

OK, if you don’t live in Kearney, Nebraska, you don’t have access to this option. But let me tell you why I love it and maybe you’ll find something similar near you. I’m not super self-conscience but I love the fact that at my gym, I’m only surrounded by chicks. I just feel more comfortable going at it when I’m not worried about whether I’m sticking my butt in the air too much and I’m a distraction for the guy across the room. JFL is very close to my house – not walking distance but just down the hill a few blocks. Location would be a huge factor for me NOT to go to the gym – that “I don’t have the time to drive clear across town, workout, and then drive back home.” Because, face it, time is a precious commodity in my world – probably in yours too. The location is no excuse, who is going to be at the gym is no excuse and what I can do at my gym is no excuse. JFL has just about everything you could want – the normal treadmills (lots of them), ellipticals, a stair stepper, free weights, weight circuit machines, classes (lots of options), cycling, 2 pools, an area with crossfit type equipment and much more…. I can change it up as much as I would want to. (That doesn’t mean I do, I’ve been going there for nearly 3 months and have done virtually the same workout every time.) I’m getting stronger, pushing more weight and liking the definition my physical body is sculpting.

At just 2 years shy of 40, I’m probably in about the best physical healthful shape I’ve been in for literally decades. I didn’t play sports in high school and have basically been a couch dweller for most of my life. I’m loving my routine now – and always asking for grace to stick with things!

How do you keep on track eating healthfully? Do you have a workout plan or gym membership?

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