Unicorns & Pixie Dust

Unicorns and pixie dust. Realities only in cartoons and toddlers’ minds. A representation of someone disconnected from real life… or are they?

Symbolically speaking, there hasn’t been many unicorns or much pixie dust in my life lately. On paper, life hasn’t been bad. Kids have been healthy and doing well. Husband is doing what he loves. Bills are paid. Life is ticking along quickly with good things. But somehow I’ve been in a funk. I’m actually on a 48-hour getaway as I type this, just trying to figure what the heck my problem is. Well, I have many, but primarily why my soul is in such a restless place.

24-hours into my time alone, some things are starting to make sense. Starting to click in my brain and in my heart. The good thing about these “aha!” moments is that I can be intentional about changes I can make in my life.

I have a personality that likes a good challenge. I sometimes get fooled into thinking I don’t. That I would rather have things neat, organized and orderly. But ask my husband, as soon as I get the routine figured out, I get bored.

That seems to be where I’m at. Bored. We’re in a good place as a family. Actually, a great place. And I’m bored. Ready for an adventure, some excitement, a testimony in the making. I’m ready for a unicorn to come galloping by, through the mundane. I’m needing Jesus to sprinkle some pixie dust into the room to make something magical and new appear.

But what to do in the waiting? The great and frustrating thing about pursuing a supernatural lifestyle (meaning, inviting and letting God be at work in your life) is that God shows up and does out-of-this-world things. Great because, that’s totally always exciting to see Him move. And frustrating, because you have no control over when and what He does.

I’m a dreamer. Been dreaming of unicorns and pixie dust for months now. And, up to this point, I’ve seen none. Mundane. Boring. And I was beginning to lose hope that pixie dust and unicorns actually exist. I’ll say it this way for those with lesser imagination… that God actually does supernatural and crazy, “WOW” things.

But, with this time away with Him. My hope is being restored. Over the months, I’ve tried reminding myself of how He’s showed up and rocked my world in the past. But this week, He’s speaking these truths into my soul. Him talking is so much better than me talking.

As I was spending time talking to Daddy God last night, He told me He loved me. I said, “I know”. He raised my eyes to look into His and said, “No. I LOVE YOU. As He spoke those words, I saw the words becoming tiny gold particles, pixie dust if you will, that came from His mouth and absorbed into my body. He breathed His love right into me. He is powerful and amazing like that.

I know life is not all unicorns and pixie dust. But, I also know that I’m not meant to live a mundane and colorless life. I’m grateful for the hope of the mundane turning to dancing unicorns and the colorless turning to pixie dust.

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