Are You A Spiritual Zombie?

A while back a friend and I were talking about a certain ministry that she had recently visited and the way she described most of the people involved there was that they were like “spiritual zombies”. I’ve been thinking about this lifeless Christian existence that can plague, really any of us, if we aren’t living aware and living in actual relationship with Jesus.

I don’t know if it’s because we can’t see Jesus, and we often have a hard time relating with Holy Spirit, that we can slip into this zombie trap or what. Or maybe we talk so much about, “It’s not a religion but a relationship” when the truth is we don’t treat our faith like a relationship at all.

One definition of the word zombie is, a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automation. This kind of life – or rather no life – is never the one Jesus intended for us.

A spiritual zombie is one who has the rules down pat and performs them automatically. They know the right responses and the right answers (I wrote a bit about that HERE). They’ve got “what would Jesus do” down pat- not because they are actually interacting with Jesus but because they set themselves to automatic and do the things that are expected of a ‘good’ Christian.

None of the above things in themselves are wrong but when they are done with no life,  no engagement, no partnership with the Holy Spirit, you’ve got a spiritual zombie on your hands.

A spiritual zombie does no thinking for themselves but takes everything that is taught from whatever pulpit they are listening too and inserts the data into their brain (not their heart) like a zip drive. I’ll take it one step further and say a spiritual zombie is one who reads their Bible and performs in the same way – information in, information out. No life. No moving with Holy Spirit. Just a robot performing what’s required of them.

Seriously, when you look at it on paper, no one wants to be a spiritual zombie. But it happens all too often.

Easter is right around the corner. A time when Believers celebrate the Cross and the LIFE of Jesus. Let’s look at the familiar verse that tells us WHY Jesus came to this planet so many centuries ago anyways…

“…I came to give life with joy and abundance.”

John 10:10b (The Voice)

Life. Joy and abundance. Not zombie tendencies. Characteristics of people who are engaging in a true relationship with Jesus. Nothing stagnant about abundance or joy. Joy is bubbly and moving. Abundance is overflowing fullness. Life is about making choices, not living in robotic automation. Life means conversation – not just talking but listening too… not just to preachers, but to Him.

So, as we celebrate the LIFE of Jesus this Easter week, let’s throw off any zombie tendencies that may have taken hold of us. (It can happen to any of us.) Let’s break out of the automation and the inactive listlessness. Let’s engage again. Let’s interact with Holy Spirit. Let’s make choices. Let’s feel… joy, peace, patience… you know those are things you feel, right? Let’s let Him rock us with His abundance. Let’s become ALIVE!

“Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good but to make dead people alive!” 

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