Heavenly Realities

I think all believers and even many non-Christians would say they believe in heaven. That heaven is a place out there that people go to when they die. Because it’s far away and out there and we honestly don’t know if we’re right until we show up there someday, it’s an easy belief to have.

A lesser talked about thought, is that heaven or heavenly realms can be accessed today – while we still live and breathe on this planet. My devotional, “Journey Through the Door” is all about how I believe this is true, that the Bible shows us this truth, and that we are actually all invited into the gift of visiting and experiencing God’s realm.

Within the Body of Christ, this is a hot button topic. Those who believe like I do, could be looked on as weird at the least, and heretical, deceived or linked into the New Age at the harshest. While my least favorite thing is debate, I think there’s enough instances in the Scriptures to ‘prove’ my belief. And, for me, with support of the Scriptures, my experiences (and hearing of others’ experiences) have confirmed and affirmed in my heart that the Lord truly has opened up His realm to us who He put on this planet. We are three-part beings capable of experiencing more than one realm.

One of my favorite instances of people seeing into God’s realm is in 2 Kings chapter 6, where the Syrians were surrounding the city of the people of God. Elisha’s servant sees this and is filled with fear but Elisha is undaunted. Elisha says this to his servant in verse 16-17 (The Voice),

Elisha: Have no fear. We have more on our side than they do. (praying) O Eternal One, I ask You to allow my servant to see heavenly realities. The Eternal awakened Elisha’s servant so that he could see. This is what he saw: the mountain was covered with horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.

Heavenly realities didn’t override the fact that there was a physical army surrounding the city BUT heaven was aware, heaven was there and heaven was going to work with Elisha for a victory. (It’s really an amusing story if you want to continue to read in verses 18-23!)

I think there are many purposes in the invitation into heaven’s world. One of the most important is that getting a glimpse of heavenly realities can encourage us, fill us with hope and give us strength to face whatever physical realities we are facing. I love this about God and His Kingdom!

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