Food, Glorious Food

We’ve been on the road this week. A trip to Texas means lots of ministry and lots of EATING! When I’m home, I eat THM (Trim Healthy Mama) style for the most part. It’s easy to do with very healthy but yummy foods. When we travel, it’s not practical to bring my whole kitchen and though you can stay ‘on plan’ with THM while eating in restaurants, I’m an eclectic food lover! There are restaurants in Texas we don’t have in Nebraska. There’s certain foods that they just do well here in the south. Thus, I try not to gorge myself but I certainly don’t pass up the experience of good food in the moment.

Saturday: The day of the 14 hour drive. We were in the Dallas area at dinner time and wanting something a bit more substantial than fast-food  but we were also wanting OUT of Dallas as quickly as possible AND we were in traveling clothes (read sports bra, tee and shorts) so I didn’t feel anything too classy could be on the option list. We ended up at a Denny’s outside of Dallas.


Sunday: After being in Palestine Sunday morning, we had traveled back up to Dallas for an evening service Sunday night. The congregation was African, primarily from Ghana and they had prepared some of their native food for the fellowship time after the service. We got some sort of sweet donuty things and some tea. Oh. My. Goodness. The tea! I googled it and I’m nearly positive it was Ginger Tea… which I’ll be making when I get home. Yummy stuff!

We hadn’t really had dinner so I made Mitch stop by In-and-Out Burger for late night deliciousness. For a moment, I thought we were back in Cali….


Monday: Oh how I wish we had pictures of the best chicken fried steak I’ve ever had! Some friends gave us a drive by tour of Fort Worth and we went to The Stockyards to H3 Ranch for lunch. Alas, no food pic so here’s a cute one of my Journey Joy.


Tuesday: The food highlight of the day was a drive through our favorite coffee shop in all of Texas – one owned by our dear friends – Cream and Coffee. Earlier, I had remembered how much I loved their chai so that’s what I ordered from my happy place.


Wednesday: A stop at our favorite frozen yogurt place, Sweet Frog, was what Journey had been waiting for for days.


Thursday: I wanted donuts for breakfast but didn’t get them and instead found out that if you eat a piece of sea salt caramel with a handful of peanuts, you have a Payday! The weather was beautiful, so lunch at one of our favorite Italian places, Switch, was out on the patio. And their Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce is delectable!










It’s a good thing we just have a couple days left on this trek because we’ve eaten enough for a month and it’s about time to get back to my own kitchen… and the gym.



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