Shamed Women : Redeemed Women

This week, as I was reading Matthew in The Passion Translation, it struck me again how there were just four women listed in the genealogy of Jesus there in chapter one. And those four women were far from perfect women. Let’s take a look at these worthy-to-be-mentioned women who were part of the line of Jesus.

Tamar. We read Tamar’s story in Genesis 38. Tamar ended up disguising herself as a prostitute, sleeping with her father-in-law and mothering his children. Twins to be exact.

When Judah passed by and saw {Tamar}, he thought she was a prostitute because she had her face covered. He decided to proposition her, so he walked over to her by the roadside. Judah: “Come on, I want to have sex with you.” He had no idea she was his daughter-in-law, but she had a proposition of her own.  Tamar: “What will you give me in return if I do?”

Genesis 38:15-16 (The Voice)

Rahab. Rahab wasn’t an Israeli. In fact, she was part of the enemy’s camp. Besides that, she was a prostitute. Her story is in Joshua.

The city and all who are in it will be destroyed completely as an offering to Him, expect for the prostitute Rahab and those who are with her in her house. Her life will be spared as a reward for sheltering our two spies.

Joshua 6:17 (The Voice)

Ruth. Ruth married into the Jewish people. Her husband actually was in disobedience to God’s commands but choosing her from the people of Moab. Remember Moabites were also enemies of God’s people. After Ruth’s first husband died, she went back to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law. A foreigner. Poor. Husbandless. But God had a plan for her to meet and marry Boaz. See her story in the book named after her, Ruth.

Each son married a woman from Moab – one was named Orpah, the other Ruth – and they lived together for 10 years.

Ruth 1:4 (The Voice)

Bathsheba. She was a wife to a man of integrity. A soldier. And she was hot. So much so that the king saw her bathing and took her and raped her making her a woman of shame. This woman was also worthy to be named in the lineage of Jesus. Read her story in 2 Samuel 11.

David couldn’t get her off his mind, so he sent messengers to bring Bathsheba to him. She came, and they had sexual relations…

2 Samuel 11:4 (The Voice)

Women of shame… sexual shame even. Women of sin. But also women of redemption. Women that Father God chose to be a part of the family of Jesus come to earth.

God designated women to be brought up out of their shame thousands of years ago. He is still calling women (and men) out of sin and shame into His family. He is changing lives of shame and sin to a legacy of redemption and belonging!

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