Snowcation 2016

This week we had not one, not two, but THREE snow days. Meaning the kids had no school. But more than that, we seriously could not get out of our driveway… for 72 freaking hours. The first day, the city plows gave up plowing the streets because the wind kept blowing the snow around, piling it back up. Day 2, things had started to move and our landlord rolled his 4×4 in and cleared our driveway but that left a 2+ foot in the road that wasn’t passible. On day 3, after most of the city was already out, we made a phone call and finally got our road cleared around 1:30pm.

I was thrilled to not have to even try to get out in the nasty weather. I honestly don’t mind snow every once in a while… if I don’t have to get out in it. I had made sure we had toilet paper, coffee, cereal and milk so we were good to go for at least 4 days.

But what the heck do you do with 72 hours of being locked up at home? I mean, we’re the family who travels full time. Actually my husband just barely made it back from an international trip before the storm hit. We’re the people that I’m sure the neighbors have theories and conspiracies about. One person leaves in one car, another comes home in another, just to grab the other car and a kid and leaves again. We pack cars with suitcases at midnight. We all disappear for weeks at a time. We come and go in three different vehicles at all times of the day. Seriously, I can’t imagine what we look like to the neighbors.

Anyhoo. On what we did, as a family of 6, for 72 hours during our snowcation.

We slept. We all slept in until at least 9 that first day. My husband, being jet-lagged, had to be pulled from bed at noon. The second day most of us moved a little earlier. Most of us. By the third day, I think we were all moving by 10ish.

We watched a heck of a lot of Netflix. Well, let me rephrase that. The KIDS watched a lot of Netflix. I stayed occupied with DVR’d “Caribbean Life”, “Hawaii Life” (my FAVE!), and “Seinfeld”, as well as a couple DVR’d movies.

We cooked and baked. Jaci tried her hand at homemade noodles for lunch one day. Robin made Chandler a birthday cake. (as Chandler got to celebrate her 15th birthday snowed in with her fam. Good times, y’all.) I made a healthy substitute for Mitch and I and unhealthy but delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for birthday breakfast.

We played in the snow. And by we, I mean the kids. Too small snow pants, too big boots (borrowed from Dad and Mom) and lots of knit gloves and mittens were used as the kids would go trek through the snow that was up to their teenage waists in our front yard. Good thing Journey stayed close, it would have swallowed her little toddler body whole.

We drank lots of beverages. Mostly hot ones… hot chocolate, coffee and tea all were consumed in copious amounts. And wine was drank. More glasses than usual. Don’t judge.

Finally, late into the day on Day 2, the main roads were cleared enough that the older girls’ friends picked them up a block from our house so they could go sledding with their buddies.

And that’s about it. I saw good moms with their ‘snow day lists’ and thought “Oh crap. I suck.”. I mentioned playing a dice game as a family. I thought about pulling out a puzzle. But no. We ate and drank, stared at screens and ran out into the snow every once in a while. And we sure as heck didn’t clean anything. Thank you, Storm Kayla for this nice little reprieve from the daily grind as we began February 2016. And thank you, Jesus, for the snow plow that showed up yesterday afternoon! We were running out of milk and cereal and mama was running out of grace to be at home. 😉


  1. This totally cracks me up! All I could think of was thank God you didn’t lose power too! Can you imagine?
    We have not had a good snow storm yet this year and to be honest, I am ready for one! It just isn’t winter in the Midwest without a good snow storm. Besides we need some cold to kill off some bugs before spring comes! Sleeping in, food, drinks and movies is exactly what my family would do!

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