First Impressions

So, I had a post all ready to go for this morning and then my daughter brought me her school journal writing for the week. It’s too great not to share! (and it probably fits better on our #FamilyCoffeeFun Friday!) Don’t worry, my post will run on Tuesday for #JesusMinistryWord – where it probably fits better anyway!

Guest Post by: Chandler Stroda

Your first impression of a person is so important because that’s what you will base how you treat them and what you think of them. This is not necessarily a good thing. Like there was this time when I first met someone and thought bad of her for a long, long time.

It all started July 29th, 2003. I was two and a half years old. My mother had been rather large for some time now and perhaps even a tad grumpy and a little agitated. Then all the sudden I was whooshed out of my house and over to my aunt’s. I did not return home for several hours and when I did, my mom was laying in bed. She wasn’t alone. Sitting in the nook of her arm was a little, wrinkled brown doll. Immediately I didn’t like it and not just because that funny looking thing was taking up all my mom’s attention. It was also because it was taking up all my dad’s too. “Come meet your new sister, girls,” my dad said. Oh, so a sister. Not a doll. Oh, well it was still funny looking even for a real baby. It’s name was Robin. It was soooo loud. My sleep was constantly interrupted. I am not a fan of having my sleep interrupted. So these were my first impressions. That she was loud and very much an attention stealer.

However, as we got older I realized that she is quite amazing, and while she can be loud and steal everyone’s attention, I love her and can’t imagine life without her.

So, you see first impressions can be deceiving. Take me for example very often people get the wrong impression of me. They think I am very quiet and gentle and sweet. While I can be all those things more often I am loud and annoying and crazy.

I can remember two different times where people got to know me enough to discover I was not as sweet as they first thought. One time we were playing “Apples to Apples” and my sister was giving me crap for the card I chose. Finally, I couldn’t take it and screamed “Just shut up! I can pick whatever card I want!” I will never forget the look on this one kid’s face. He practically jumped out of his chair. The other time, my sister was waking me up on Black Friday. Like I said, I do not like to be woken up. “Don’t touch me,” I had growled. One of our friends who had been shopping with us was rather shocked. He says, “I’ll never forget the time where sweet little Chandler growled like a lion”. Despite that though, he still told me that I can’t be mean because he still believes I’m pure. I am going to try to live up to that.

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