Morning Coffee & the Slow Roll

I’m not a morning person. I’m in love with the idea of being a morning person but it just hasn’t panned out for me that way yet. I hear there’s still hope. The older I get… maybe. But here’s a look at my mornings in this season of my life.

First of all, a couple of our kids go to public school. But not the one in town, we’ve opted into a smaller school about 15 minutes from our house. There is a bus stop for said school just 3 minutes from our house. But the pick up is 7:15 and if I (or my husband) drives them instead, the kids can wake up at 7:15. So anyhoo….

6:50am: My alarm goes off with the intention of the snooze button being pushed one time.

6:59: The snoozed alarm goes off again. I grab for the eye drops next to my bed. Surely these will help open up my glued shut eyeballs.

7:02: I shuffle to the bathroom. Brush my teeth.

7:05: My shuffle continues to the kitchen. Here is where I daily break my coffee snobbery habit. I pull out a Hawaiian coffee k-cup, throw it in the Keurig and push the button. Any other time of the day, I can get out my pour over or my aeropress and fill it with delicious freshly ground beans but when my eyes are barely open, the Keurig will do. In goes heavy whipping cream and a packet of Truvia. And off to the couch to sit and stare at the fire.

7:08: The coffee is slowly starting to do it’s magic. I grab my devotional off the side table and read today’s encounter. I don’t close my eyes to ‘see’ anything now for the risk of falling back to sleep. So, I will now mindlessly scroll through Facebook or Instagram or YouFood.

7:15: Time to wake the oldest school-goer. This means a trek down the stairs. Jesus, help me. And He does. Every morning.

7:17: Back to the couch I go for a few more minutes to continue pouring the morning magic down my throat.

7:20: Time to wake up the other school-goer. She’s a bit more tricky and sometimes needs a second call too. (I have grace for that because I always push the snooze button too. But if there’s a third required, you better hope your daddy is home to give it.) By now, I’m slightly more awake and a little more coherent. My husband has usually showered, grabbed his cuppa and joined me on the couch. I might actually even converse with him at this point. 😉

7:40: My tummy is usually starting to growl by now so it’s time for a ‘bullet proof’ something – coffee or even a tea. Most important thing is that it’s loaded with healthy fats. Yum!

It’s not until my husband and the 2 kiddos have left the house at 7:45 that I can pull out my Bible or another bible study and actually assimilate anything I read. If I have my way, this will be how I spend my next hour or so before I make my way to the shower and actually ready myself to engage the public world. Mornings are a slow roll for me. (Thankfully they are for my toddler as well!) Coffee, life-giving reading and hopefully a laugh or two from the social media world before I have to function on any significant level… it’s the way my morning’s roll.


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