The Perfect Parent

I’ve been a parent now for over 17 years. I lived a season as a mama with 3 littles and am now entering a season of parenting 3 teens (daughters, no less)… with a toddler (a fiery redhead, no less) thrown in for good measure. I’m like every other parent on the planet – I want to do this lifelong gig well. From infant to toddler, from toddler to teen, from teen to young adult and beyond.

Anyone who is a parent or planning to be someday, has every intention of being a good one. We read parenting books (did that and continue to do that), make vows to never parent that way (yep…hahaha), make plans on what kind of schedule we’ll put the baby on (I was never much of a scheduler but my 4th proved that even if I was, there was no way in h-e-double hockey stick she would succumb to my scheduling intentions). Whether we follow through with the plans or not, our goal still remains – to be a good parent, to parent well. I have my fair share of #parentfail ‘s and regrets of how I managed myself. That whole, “the first rule of parenting is to be consistent“? I’m pretty sure I continue to break that one every. single. day.

But beyond the ‘rules’ , the how to’s, the scheduling methods and the feeding methods, there’s a deeper issue with parenting. It’s the heart with which we parent. It’s our why behind our what. It’s the cause of the effect. As believers, we find a picture of a parent in the Scriptures. Not just any parent, but the Ultimate Parent. God is our Father. He models perfect parenting for us throughout the Scriptures. No one will ever achieve this high standard but we can sure let Him begin to reconstruct and mold our hearts to look like His.

Realizing that we aren’t perfect, saying, “I’m sorry” to our kiddos, letting our own hearts be transformed, and then bathing it all in prayer is a great road in this journey of parenthood.  Here’s just a few things we see within the heart of the Ultimate Parent – our Daddy God – and a sentence line of what this could look like in real time.

Affirmation looks like… “I’m so proud of you.”

Discipline looks like… “Let me show you something you may not see.”

Generosity looks like… “Let me buy that for you.”

Influence looks like… “Let me talk to someone for you.”

Encouragement looks like… “I love watching you play/create/do {that}.”

Legacy & Inheritance looks like… “Everything I have belongs to you.”

Love looks like… “I LOVE YOU!”

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