Hanging Out in the Secret Place

I’ve chosen to read Matthew as we kick off 2016. This year I’m reading the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. In all my 30 years of Bible reading, I’ve never owned or read this version so already it’s been fun to read familiar verses in a different light.

I’m taking lots of notes in my new journaling Bible I got for Christmas. I’m not very artsy or creative but because my doodles and notes are within the pages of MY personal Bible, I’ve chosen not to let that hold me back from scribbling away. 🙂

Anyways, back to Matthew… I got to chapter 6 the other day, reading verses I’ve read dozens of times in the past, but verse 18 stuck to me. Particularly the end of it, “…And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” The previous verses talk about not making it obvious that you’re fasting when you’re fasting. A few verse up in the beginning of chapter 6, it talks about your giving being done in secret.

This word ‘secret’ was lit up to me. Of course, we all know what a secret is. We probably even have thought about what ‘the secret place’ is if we have a relationship with Jesus. Nonetheless, I was intrigued with this very familiar word. So I grabbed my computer and jumped on thesaurus.com. (which, as a budding writer, is my very most visited website).

I wrote down (right in my Bible!) these synonyms for ‘secret’









Some of those words sound magical and wonderful – covert, mysterious, undercover – like an action thriller on the movie channel. But the others – obscure, unknown, unseen, unpublished – not so much. No one wants to be unknown or unseen. In fact, we are created to want to be know and to be seen. It’s what healthy relationships are made of. But the Word says there are certain things to be done in the secret place so He can reward us.

There’s a time and place to be unknown, unseen and unpublished, to be obscure. When we find contentment living in this place – the secret place. His reward will come. Here’s some great synonyms for ‘reward’







ALL of those words sound beautiful to me!

So, in what area of life is Daddy God calling you to hang out in that unseen place? Where you’re longing to be known for what you’re doing, giving, or how you’re serving? Find contentment and joy in the secret place, my friend. Stay undercover and covert. And know that if you will, there is reward coming from Him…. bounty, profit, honor and a crown!

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