An Introduction to Fridays

Since I’ll be posting on Fridays a lot about my family, let’s just set the stage today…

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 18 years. From the time we first laid our eyes on each other to the time we said, “I do”, was a short 4 1/2 months span. And though, like all couples, we’ve had our ups and downs, I haven’t regretted that choice one time in these 18 years. Mitch was made for me, I was made for him. He is not perfect but he is perfect for me.


We have 4 kids. Four girls to be exact. We have a weird dynamic. The first three each came 2 1/2 years apart after having the first one – Jaci – after 14 months of marriage. So by the time I was 25, I had three kids and we were pretty confident we were ‘done’. We sold everything, carried on in life and lived a happy little life with Jaci, Chandler and Robin for 8 more years.

And then… surprise! Like the biggest surprise on the planet… we were pregnant. Mind you, the girls had long given up on praying for a sibling. I think all my friends and foes had given up on thinking, “You sold everything? You’ll have another.” So we were surprised. And then I was even more surprised when we found out ‘it’ was another girl… not disappointed, surprised.

Side note: I LOVE girl world. I love bows, tutus, girl shoes, nail polish… it truly is my favorite. 🙂

And so, almost 9 years after we were ‘done’, we added our Journey Joy to our family mix. She came out with (another surprise) fiery red hair and her daddy’s piercing blue ‘prophet’ eyes (I prayed for those eyes).
 Last January, we found ourselves pregnant again and a few months later, found out it was a boy. We found out the day I delivered his lifeless body, when he was just 20 weeks gestation. We miscarried our Malachi James on May 26, 2015 and it was the most devastating day of our lives. But in our devastation, Jesus broke through in His kindness and, though we grieve (and honestly, I’m still super pissed at the enemy – death is the enemy), Jesus has truly healed my heart and shows me glimpses of my baby boy playing up in heaven on a regular basis. Jesus is crazy amazing that way.

So, this is where 2016 finds me – 18 years of marriage to an amazing man, four gorgeous and phenomenal daughters; Jaci is 17, Chandler is nearly 15, Robin is 12 and Journey is 3 1/2 (going on 13).

I most recently have published my first book, I’m still carrying around 20+ pounds of post-pregnancy weight, I get wrecked insanely by Jesus’ kindness often  (especially at church during worship), I’m still trying to figure life out, still caught in the tension of believing for “His kingdom come” when it doesn’t happen, still have days when I think I’m doing it all wrong, but always come back to “Jesus wins”, always come back to relationship over the rules, always believing love and connection is the key.

So, welcome to Fridays at Whimsy in My Cup, when I chat about “Family, Coffee and Fun”.

P.S. One more thing… I love Disneyland. Not necessarily Disney characters or movies. But I love the magic and wonder that is found at Disneyland. We have been 2 years in a row. We’ve also been to Disney World, to Disney Paris. And I don’t ever stop thinking that heaven is very much like the magical world of Disney.


  1. You’re so encouraging & uplifting! Agreed on “Jesus wins”-I keep coming back to that too in my own struggles! And that means we win too!! And I’m sure the daughter I lost-Esther-is playing with your son Malachi & Jesus too! 😊

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