Plans for Whimsy in My Cup

As most of you, I have spent the last couple weeks pondering what 2016 will look like for me… you know, as much as a person can plan life. I shared a couple days ago the question that keeps coming back around. “Where do we go from here?”  As much as I still don’t have all the answers to that question, I have a bit of a plan for Whimsy in My Cup.

Beginning next Tuesday, I plan to blog twice a week – Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday’s posts will deal mainly with Jesus, Ministry, and the Word and Friday’s posts will primarily be around Family, Coffee, and Fun.

I pretty much guarantee that I’ll miss a blog day here and there. And I most likely will break my theme plans as well. But I want to lay down a bit of a vision and a goal for my blog this year so here we go… See you on Tuesday with some thoughts on Jesus, Ministry, and the Word!

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