6 Reasons I Love the Holidays: Focus on Relationships

One of the things holidays are full of is family and friends! Spending more time with those we love the most as we celebrate is a blessing. Family and relationship was God’s idea, as we see way back in the Garden of Eden when God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone, so I will create a companion for him..” (Genesis 2:18 The Voice)

stroda fam

We are created to need and to desire companionship and relationship. Relationship, even (maybe, especially) within the family we were born, will not happen without some intentionality. It is all to easy to co-exist without cultivating the depth of actually knowing each other.

This holiday season, may we be intentional about relationship. Let’s pursue those we want to grow together with. Let’s be vulnerable and open with our own hearts. Let us each be a safe place for those around us to be vulnerable in.

The Greek word for relationship means, “I come to know, learn, realize”. Having a relationship with someone isn’t just meeting them and being acquainted with them. It is a journey of knowing and realizing who they really are. Learning about them as they walk their journey.

I love this verse in Philippians.

“Whenever you cross my mind, I thank my God for you and for the gift of knowing you.”  ~Philippians 1:3 (The Voice)

It is a gift to have relationships, let’s be intentional to know those dearest to us and let’s be grateful that the Lord has placed them in our lives!

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