“If I Could Change a Law” : Guest Post by Chandler Stroda

My kiddos have been blowing me away with their weekly journal entries at their high school. Maybe you read my daughter, Robin’s, a few weeks ago. It was a tag on post with an article I wrote for Her View From Home. Today I want to share with you what my daughter, Chandler, wrote this week. The Freshman students were asked “if you could change any law, what would it be and why?”. I’m blown away by my daughter’s heart and convictions. She isn’t just passionate about babies lives but cares about the lives of mothers as well.

By: Chandler Stroda

If I could change a law, I would change the law that makes abortion legal. It absolutely breaks my heart that woman are so desperate to get rid of their children that they kill them. I have always loved babies. My mother miscarried at 20 weeks. We wanted that baby so bad and we lost it, but there are woman everyday who go in and purposely rid themselves of their kids. But like I said they are desperate. I think that the only reason women do it is because they’re scared and because it’s available. There are other options, like adoption. Now I don’t know this for sure, but I feel like some ladies are so terrified to go through the birth that they resort themselves to abortion. On the other hand though, I understand that going through all that pain just to give the baby up….that would be hard. I have heard a woman’s story who had an abortion; after it she felt so awful and so full of shame. But she still did it again. Why would she do that? She knew it was terrible. She did it because it was available, it was what she felt was her best option. Even though I believe abortion is sad and just awful I don’t think we can just outlaw it then leave these struggling woman to get by the best they can. We need to have organizations and homes in place to help them. Which I’m sure there are some but what if every abortion clinic became a home for single, pregnant woman who felt like they didn’t have anywhere to go?

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