What’s Up Next on Whimsy in My Cup

With the Write 31 Days challenge complete and behind me for another year, I was thinking about what happens next on Whimsy in My Cup. I have a goal to be more consistent – many bloggers post at least weekly and that will be my goal as well. With my love for routine, I came up with an idea for a 6-week series on the holidays. More specifically…

Why I Love the Holidays and I Think Jesus Does Too!

So stay tuned, starting next Thursday, November 12th for the first post titled:

Focus on Relationship

As a fun bonus, the posts here will correlate with a weekly video post that will be up on my Facebook page. There’s even one up today – go check it!

Whimsy in My Cup on Facebook

I hope you will join in for the next 6 weeks of whimsy!

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