Day 28: Offering Up the Notebook

Sometimes the things we offer up don’t have much perceived value – monetary or sentimental. But anything our heart wants to hold onto instead of surrender up, is an offering up. This is the case with ‘the notebook’….

Last month, I received a box from Freely with some pretty sweet stuff in it. (You should check it out!) I kept most of it but gave away a book that I knew I’d probably never get to and a CD that I already owned. I gave those 2 items away at a monthly women’s gathering that I host in my community.

For October, I had purchased a mug from Carlainfullbloom for the purpose of giving it away and then was planning to chose one thing from October’s Freely shipment to giveaway as well. Last week I received an email from Freely that led me to think I may not receive my shipment before The Gathering this month. And I immediately thought of the journal/notebook in last month’s shipment that I hadn’t used yet. I cringed. I LOVE pretty notebooks and journals. I LOVE the one I received last month and was just waiting for the right time to dive into this gorgeous blank book. I did not want to give this notebook away.

So Monday came, my deadline, I went to check the mail, praying that my box would have arrived. It did not. My heart cringed again. I was going to give away my notebook. Yes, I could have bought something else but it didn’t seem right. I knew the Lord was asking me to surrender the notebook. And so I did, I gave away that notebook. I pray that the one who received it writes in it her most treasured thoughts or draws her most creative sketches. But even if it gets tossed on a bookshelf to gather dust, I did it. I offered up that beautiful and whimsical notebook – the one I wanted to keep so badly.


***This is Day 28 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***

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