Day 22: Offering Up Ministry

Ministry – probably in any form – is a funny thing. It’s about Jesus, for Jesus, but sometimes can take the place of Jesus if we’re not careful. If you love Jesus, you want to show Him, serve Him, do something for Him – that is, ‘ministry’. You would think that having a ministry or being in ministry could be nothing but noble and pure. It’s all about Jesus right? If we look around the church world any given day, we can see differently. Men and women who have sacrificed their families on the altar of ‘successful ministry’. Men and women who have lost their love for Jesus in pursuit of ‘serving’ Him.

I’ve served in different capacities of ministry over the decades that I’ve known the Lord. From children’s ministry to church secretary, from worship leader to women’s ministry, from small group teacher to youth leader and more. And then there was the months or years that I wanted to be serving, to be doing something but instead it was a time of offering up ministry. Offering up my desire to be doing something for Jesus.

Of course, if we are in a relationship with the Lord, our whole life is supposed to be lived for His glory. But we often classify ‘ministry’ a bit differently… it’s that extra, the really spiritual things that we feel like Jesus validates a bit more and maybe loves a bit more if we do. But that’s all a lie. And maybe it’s when the Lord knows that we are starting to believe this lie that He calls on us to offer up. Or maybe He just knows our maturity level and doesn’t want us to get into something prematurely that’s so amazing and successful that it ends up taking the place of Jesus in our lives.

Whatever the reason, I think most believers will experience seasons of ministry – serving full-on in whatever capacity we are called. And then there will times, He tells us, “Say no to this one in this season. Offer it up to Me.” We can wonder at the call of obedience, thinking ministry equals our love for Jesus. But it’s not so and sometimes we are called to offer up even ministry.

***This is Day 22 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***

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