Day 19: Offering Up Jealousy and Comparison

It’s an ugly, subtle enemy that lurks up and sneakily overtakes your thoughts. It’s the feelings of jealousy which often move into this unhealthy comparison and competition rising up in our souls. Life can be amazing. You can even be in the best place you’ve ever been. Then the enemy whispers into your soul, “Yes, but… look at her.” When you go ahead and look and dwell, instead of dismissing the thought immediately, your train of thought can continue swiftly on a track of ungratefulness, even into bitterness and contempt.

I’ve experienced derailment in this area a few times in life. And I’m a bit surprised at how the easily I can be caught off guard and start down the track yet again. I have to continually remind myself, continually re-learn, continually put a guard around my heart from this ugly enemy. Continually offer up gratefulness instead of wallowing in discontentment, continually offer up feelings of inadequacy when I see the more qualified, more beautiful, more put together, more… whatever. Celebrating the person in front of me, and offering any jealousy, comparison or competition up to Jesus.

***This is Day 19 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***


  1. immediately when I saw the word comparison, I thought I read the word “compassion” I am not sure exactly why, but I know God looks at us with Compassion and we try to do the same, look on others with compassion 🙂

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