Day 18: Offering Up My Hurting Heart

I may be ‘just emotional’ but my heart is hurting today. I’m not mad, depressed, or even really sad. If you would meet me in the store today, you maybe couldn’t even tell what was going on deep inside me, because it is more that kind of hurt that can be easily buried with the rest of life that is much more in the foreground. But if I quiet myself enough, if the chatter of my family slows enough, if I don’t concern myself with the football game on TV, my heart aches and the tears will well up.

I hurt for the young man that walked onto the field parentless on Parents Night. I don’t know his situation. He may have the best parents ever and a great family life. All I know is that while all the other players walked out with (most of them) both parents, arm in arm, he walked out alone and stood alone.

I hurt for the young mama I had the privilege of having coffee with this morning. See, this young mama carried her sweet daughter in her belly all the way to the very end of the 40 weeks, only to lose her to heaven. She is walking her situation leaning on and embracing the Grace of Daddy God. But that does not change the reality that her arms are empty when they should be full.

I hurt when I scroll through Facebook and see the photo of a handsome young man who went missing yesterday. The last place he was seen was just blocks from my house. I don’t know if he ran away, if he was taken by force. All I know is there is a family frantically looking for a missing son, grandson, nephew, brother, friend…

I hurt for a situation in a small town school not far from here. When a young teacher violates highschool girls’ privacy and purity by installing a video camera in their locker room. Those girls are forever impacted by this violation on their lives. This teacher is lost and empty and needs the satifsfying love of Jesus to fill the void he is trying to fill in unhealthy and destructive ways.

Yes, my heart is hurting today. So I offer up my broken heart to Jesus. There is nothing I can do in any of the situations – only pray. And release them all to Jesus. As I’ve discovered more and more over the years, ‘only’ praying is the best, most powerful thing I could actually ever do. So I offer up my hurting, praying heart.

***This is Day 18 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***

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