Day 9: Offering Up my Self-Centeredness

I’m a coffee fanatic. Besides my home-brewed coffee, I love a good coffee shop. Better still is a local, hip shop with a fun vibe. But even those dreaded chain coffee shops usually have a pretty great atmosphere. If nothing else, you can people watch. And sometimes the most unique people pass through a coffee shop.

For as many years as I can remember, if I’m going to meet a friend for a non-meal get together, we meet at a coffee shop. Even many of my non-coffee drinking friends will meet me for a cup of tea or some other fun beverage. My name goes together with coffee shop like… shoes and socks. 😉

So the day one of my besties from the ‘olden days’ was going to meet me in our old hometown, I immediately assumed we could meet at the local Starbucks. That’s what I do. But when she suggested we meet instead at a local fast food place because there wasn’t one in her area and she was craving whatever it was she loved from there – I was thrown. Actually I was offended.

I politely told her “Sure!” and then all the way there complained to the Lord with some sort of elitism in my voice. “I can’t believe I’m meeting someone at a fast food place. My people are at the coffee shop. That’s my place. This is going to be so uncomfortable.” The Lord, getting right in my face, began to reprimand me. And to remind me that I wasn’t the only one involved in this get together. My sweet friend was not a coffee drinker. It wasn’t her ‘normal’ to hang out at a coffee shop. She was comfortable at the fast food place – not the coffee shop. And this was actually about her, not me.

In that moment, repentance flooded my heart. I was being selfish and arrogant. Life isn’t all about me and my wants or comfort. I needed to offer up my preferences and yield to the preferences of another. And so I did… offer up my self-centeredness once again.

***This is Day 9 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***

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