Day 4: Living in the Middle of the Offering Up

Today’s Offering Up is a throw back to that time – 5 days ago – that I had to say goodbye to my husband for another 12 days. He had already been gone for 12 days and only home for 8 when he had to leave again. This is a first for us. Two back to back long trips.

We’ve been doing this gig for over 6 years now. Even though I used to go along more than in recent years. So I have a lot of practice of letting my man go for a few days at a time. We’ve chosen this life… well, we’ve said yes, in obedience, to this life. Honestly, I love that my beloved can do what he’s called to do, what he’s passionate about doing, what he is created to do. But that doesn’t mean that our life is always easy. Even when you’re walking in obedience, even when you’re doing the life that you love, there is an offering up.

Mainly, this year my beloved has taken week long or shorter trips. I’ve gotten used to those. They seem to be easier this year than the past. And when the first 12 day one came a few weeks ago, it actually went by pretty fast. I’m ever so grateful for the grace of the Lord. But when my beloved returned and I counted the days until he left again, I started to panic a bit. We don’t usually do things this way. But this is just how these trips worked out. I savored the eight days he was home. After he (and our oldest daughter) left for the airport on Wednesday, the house felt empty. I had that ‘missing you deeply’ knot in my stomach for most of the day. I feel like these past 4 days have dragged on and on. And there’s eight more to go. But there will be grace. There’s always grace in the offering up. And this is my offering up this week.

***This is Day 4 of “31 Days of Offering Up” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.***

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