On the Home Front

It’s one of those Saturdays. The kind where you intend to take it easy, not much on the ‘to do’ list, but all of the sudden it’s almost 3 and you’re not sure where your Saturday is headed down the drain to. So since I’m moving slow anyways, I will continue to have 3 things on my list while I write an unplanned blog. šŸ˜‰

Sooo, my husband left the country a couple days ago. He’ll be gone for 9 more days. I never look forward to him leaving but the more we do this, the more it doesn’t kill me to single parent for a season every once in a while. I miss him every day but don’t cry myself to sleep every night.

While he’s gone, life goes on…

I take two of our kiddos to school every day and pick them up again. I get to hear their stories of their new life in public school. We mourn the poopy quiz score, laugh at other students’ anticsĀ and celebrate the fun activities they got to do today – the ones they NEVER would have experienced had we kept them home this year.

I take my 14 year old in to take her written drivers test. (which she aces!) She seems to think if she’s going to public school 15 minutes away, she should get to drive herself there. Not that I don’t think that’s a great idea, especially on Monday morning at 6:30, but she’s 14. And you know, she’s now the second one of my kids behind the wheel andĀ it’s kinda freaking me out – the realization that I not only have a houseful of teens but ones that are racing quickly to adulthood.

I go to the coffee shop to get some computer work done while the middle girls are in school. But I don’t go alone because my toddler doesn’t like the new routine I had planned for her of going to a sitter a couple times a week. She joins me and my carrot cake chai with her muffin and iPad and I don’t work uninterrupted but I do work. And hurry to get done because the iPad has lost it’s appeal and the next thing on the list is calling.

I get several texts during the day from my oldest daughter. Keeping me informed of her whereabouts and permission to use the my debit card that she has so graciously kept in safekeeping in her wallet for the last… um, month-ish. Or more. I know this is breaking me in slowly to less than a year from now when she’ll be living hundreds of miles away. It’s a good thing I keep telling myself.

I get to pick what to eat for dinner. Not that this is any different than while my man is home but I seem to choose something not made in my kitchen a lot more when he’s gone. Last night we went to Market Grill. We were minus the oldest (not an unusual occurrence these days). The rest of us enjoyed rolls, pasta and fried brie cheese. Call it girls night.

It’s just the beginning of this short season without the man of the house but so far, so good. So far life on the home front is moving along just dandy.

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