5 – no 6 – Controversial Things About Me

I had already had some thoughts on this subject when someone questioned whether I should be drinking something (kombucha) while I was preggers. So I took that as I sign it was time to blog today. I say often that we are a non-conventional family. Not that our family dynamics are sooo weird – though they’re a little weird. But that we don’t do things the ‘normal American way’. I’d like to say that it’s because we are so Kingdom minded that we go that route before the American route. Which is sometimes the truth – but not always. Sometimes I’m just rebellious. Sometimes I’m just lazy. Sometimes I just freakin’ want to piss everyone off. Well, that might be extreme but probably truth in a situation or two. So without further ado, here are 5 – no 6 – things that may or may not put me on your ‘questionable company’ list.

1. I buy a bag of Marshmallow Maties (cheap version of Lucky Charms) just to throw away all the ‘maties’ and give my toddler only the marshmallows. She won’t eat anything but the marshmallows and I don’t feel like arguing with her nearly-3-year-old self. So I do it. And I tell myself it’s out of love. Not because I’m spoiling her.

2. I listen to ‘secular’ music. And I let my kids listen to it too. We rock out to Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and anyone else that comes up on satellite radio’s pop stations. We even own some albums. (Love me some Meghan.) Wanna know something funny about this? I have AMAZING, Jesus-loving kids. Kids that know that voice of the Holy Spirit. Kids that experience His presence. Somehow our aversion to Christian radio hasn’t tainted this characteristic of them.

3. I break a lot of rules while pregnant. And, as we were traveling Europe while I was pregnant with my fourth, many of those said rules are arrogant American medical crap. (Do you know Italians actually ENCOURAGE pregnant women to drink a glass of red wine every day?) I don’t give up caffeine. I do sit in hot tubs. I don’t see a doctor until at least 12 weeks…. And probably many other things that I’ll be reminded of while journeying these next 8 months.

4. Our homeschooling day looks…. a little crazy. My kids sleep in til way too late. They do their work but I’m sure I’m only assigning the bare minimum. At this point, none of my kids show any interest in being doctors or lawyers so we focus mainly on knowing how to read, write and search for answers on Google (I’m only half joking) as well as anything that will help them in the direction of life they are passionate about. Some days I’m sure I’m screwing them up royally. Other days I feel quite great about living outside the matrix of educational norms. Because again, arrogant American standards. That being said, I am not a ‘homeschool only’ proponent and will actually have one in public school next year.

5. I don’t worship Dave Ramsey. I think money is important. I think he has some wisdom. I don’t think he reflects Kingdom values always. I do think sometimes God asks us to leap before the budget says yes. I don’t think we have to have all our ducks in a row financially before making a purchase. I value hearing the Holy Spirit and His value of generosity over any budget.  

6. I don’t think the American system (even if it aligned perfectly with the Constitution) is equal to the Kingdom of God. And I will not elevate America to that pedestal. I do love my country. Though I refer to her as arrogant. Though I have rarely voted over the last few years. Though I pay virtually no mind to anything political. I have traveled enough to respect the land I am blessed to live in. And I honor those who fought for the life I enjoy today. But I will not let a temporary earthly system trump my true life in the Kingdom by taking hold of values that aren’t displayed in Jesus’ life and won’t count an ounce at the end of everything.

So there you have it. My values of being authentic and real coming out… right on your computer screen.  🙂


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