A Letter to the Weary Pastor

I know you started this journey with dreams of God rushing in.

With hopes of turning your city upside down for Jesus.

You were eager to love on people and help them raise their families right.

You wanted to create a place where the Lord felt welcome and people did too – and you dreamed they would connect with each other.

But now it’s been years and God doesn’t always come how and when we want.

Your city seems to be worse than when you started.

The people you were eager to love have snapped at you, puked on you and gossiped about you to their friends.

Sometimes you don’t even want to come to church so you wonder why would God or anyone else want to come either.

You want to believe the word and the promise the Lord gave you so long ago about revival coming to your city. To America.

But that hope has been smothered in the reality of a broken and lost world.

It’s to you, oh weary pastor, that I write today.

I’m pleading with you to hold on. Don’t let go of that smothered hope. Somehow reach in and grab onto that hope and don’t let go. Just a little while longer, dear pastor. It is coming. The revival that you cried out for so many times in prayer. The move of God that you used to long for… it is coming. Lean in to Jesus. Just a little closer. Just a little longer. Don’t give up now. A movement is beginning. And you were called and promised to be a part of it. Don’t let go of your place. We need you, dear pastor. We need your leadership. We need you to reach back and grab ahold of the passion you used to have. The day is ever so near. Your old dreams are about to come true. Don’t forget you dreamed them. Something is about to happen and we need you.

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