Positioning Yourself for the Best Year Yet: Say Thank You More

(This is Day 8 of a 10 day series of Tips to Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever)

The eighth step to positioning ourselves for an amazing 2015 is to…

say “thank you” more.

Two very simple words that could probably could never be overused. Two simple words that, put together, make up one of the most powerful phrases in our vocabulary. Making the phrase ‘thank you’ one that is on our lips continuously throughout the day keeps us in a state of gratefulness before the Lord and others.

With all that the Lord has for us, the gifts, the rewards, the authority, the freedom – it can be easy to let a spirit of entitlement creep into our hearts. But gratefulness will keep the spirit of entitlement away. Gratefulness keeps us humble before a generous God. Gratefulness keeps us in a position to receive more.

But ‘thank you’ isn’t just reserved for the Lord. Making sure to show our gratitude to our spouse, our kids, our friends and any others we come in contact with each day will also combat that spirit of entitlement. It’s easy to not even think to thank someone who is just ‘doing their job’ – whether that’s the cashier at the grocery store or your daughter who has done her chores for the day. But when we can let go of thinking that someone owes us something – even if it’s your spouse doing their part – we set ourselves free from any hold of entitlement that the enemy may try to enslave us with.

Saying thank you makes the people around us feel appreciated and loved. Saying thank you makes us happier people. Like the quote says below, we will find ourselves more content and satisfied in life this year if we will make thanksgiving an intentional priority in our lives.

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” 
― H.A. Ironside

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