Positioning Yourself for the Best Year Yet: Learn How to be Vulnerable

(This is Day 7 of a 10 day series of Tips to Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever)

The seventh step to positioning ourselves for an amazing 2015 is to…

learn how to be vulnerable.

By definition the word ‘vulnerable’ means ‘capable of being wounded or hurt’… which is why it’s not widely adopted as a way of life. But in our shunning of being vulnerable, we have lost the art of true relationship. Over the decades, putting on our happy face, our Sunday clothes and our best manners have replaced authenticity and real relationship. I am pleading with this generation to come back to vulnerability and authenticity.

Being vulnerable in relationships looks like showing the good, the bad and the ugly. Saying ‘this is who I really am, these are my struggles’ brings the risk of someone deciding that your ugly is not worth their love. We are certainly capable of being hurt when we show our true colors but the reward of someone choosing to love us and walk with us despite our bad and ugly is far greater than any risk.

The Lord’s design is for us to do life together within community – the personal growth and success that can happen when we decide to be vulnerable with each other is far above anything that we will achieve being segregated out on our own. The enemy would have us feel like others would reject us if we show ‘that’ part of our life which keeps us alone in a personal pit. But if we will be brave and begin to bare our hearts with those around us, I believe there are so many that will chose to love and walk with us on our journey.

On the other side of the relationship, chose to be a lover. Someone who choses to love others through their pain and their ugly. Be an encouraging voice, extending love and grace as others share their hearts and struggles. If we will love each other and lift each other up with encouragement and prayer, we will all be better, healthier, stronger, and more whole in this life!


  1. As I’ve grown in my walk I’ve learned to put away my tendencies to please people and give them what I think they want to see and hear . I’ve learned to become transparent to others . Oh the judgement I feel sometimes still though as I do so . I’m learning what ever they think it doesn’t matter and I love to quote “it’s not my problem what they think” as long as I know I’m walking the way I’m sopose to . I live in a small town . People have a very hard time being authentic . They have trust issues that stem from others gossiping . So no one really gets to close to one another . This is my struggle because I have a deep disire to walk authentically with others and love them for all that they are ! I really have no one in my home town that in close to . Thank God for my soul sisters from my last church and my online soul sisters too ! I just feel this need for community too being important . Both me and my husband have been just trying to set the example of loving with abandon for two years and feel like we are spinning our wheels !

    1. I hear your heart Chrissy! I will be praying for you and your husband… you will reap the reward for your faithfulness! Also praying for more women that you can have that deep relationship with!

      1. Thank you ! Prayers are appreciated . I feel like God is saying “move” but I’m unsure of if it’s move more in our church (become even more active) or move to another spot . I know he’ll show us the way just have to pray and listen and the hardest for me be patience lol 😄.

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