Positioning Yourself for the Best Year Yet: Give Extravagantly

(This is Day 4 of a 10 day series of Tips to Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever)

The fourth step to positioning ourselves for an amazing 2015 is to…

Give Extravagantly

We all know the phrase, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” And I think most of us know giving is something we’re supposed to do – whether it be money, time, our gifts or talents. But sometimes I think we forget that giving is supposed to be FUN! One way I make giving more fun is to do it over-the-top or extravagantly. If we can remember that when God does things, He holds nothing back and even does things that could be considered by some’s standards ‘wasteful’, then it makes it easier to want to be like Him and do the same.

Think of the gift of Jesus – Father God truly held nothing back in the gift of His Son. He didn’t even kinda save us, only rescuing us from the fires of hell, but salvation includes having a better life while we are here on earth. We have access to experiencing His presence, supernatural healing power, freedom from addictions, knowing His voice… the list goes on. These are way beyond ‘necessities’ but the Lord does nothing half-heartedly and loves to give extravagantly to His kids.

We can all grow in this. The first step is asking God to help you think like Him, giving more than is necessary does not come naturally. We all have budgets, our natural tendencies are to hold back because there may not be enough to go around. But God wants to eradicate this way of thinking, stretching us to trust Him for His provision even for things that may not be necessary. Most of us struggle with this but it’s in His Word and Who He is! When we get a hold of this truth and let go of fear, doing things over-the-top are FUN!

Here’s just a few ways to be an extravagant giver. These things don’t have to be done all the time but make a point to try a couple of these this month!

  • Tip over the normal 15-20% How about 25% or 30% this time?
  • Let your kids get dessert when you go out to eat.
  • Serve dinner on the fancy dishes – even though it’s not a ‘special occasion’.
  • Show up with flowers for your wife – just because.
  • Celebrate the first week back to school with a Build-Your-Own-Sundae night. If you’re really feeling extravagant, let that be the meal. 🙂
  • Buy the nieces and nephews each something small to give them next time you see them.
  • Rub your spouse’s back… for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Take your best friend a gift card to her favorite coffee shop next time you see her at church.
  • Have flowers sent to the church or school secretary – include a balloon too.
  • Take your husband’s vehicle through the car wash – choosing the highest level wash.
  • Volunteer to serve in nursery for BOTH services one week.

As we filter out the things we need to be saying ‘no’ too, we have more time and more money to give when we feel God saying ‘NOW!’ Make room for extravagance in every area of life and have FUN giving!

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