Positioning Yourself for the Best Year Yet: Getting More Sleep

(This is Day 2 of a 10 day series of Tips to Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever)

The second step to positioning ourselves for an amazing 2015 is…

Getting More Sleep

This isn’t going to happen easily. It’s not going to happen without first learning to say ‘no’ to the extra, stressful activities that don’t need to be cluttering up your life. And in some seasons, getting those recommended 8 hours just isn’t going to happen at all. But I think being aware of your sleep habits and then being intentional about what you do have control of, you can definitely make some steps towards the sleep your body so desperately needs.

A working mother with a small infant will most likely not have many nights where she gets to sleep the whole night through, but she does have control over that novel or internet game that she spends an extra hour indulging in at night that ends up cutting her night extra short. I also think that sometimes there’s somewhat of a sick pride in saying “I only got 4 hours of sleep last night” and that we like the sympathy that comes with this kind of martyrdom. We need to forsake this lie and start to take care of our bodies.  A very long season of late nights and early mornings with no lazy weekends will very soon take it’s toll and there is no glory in looking and feeling unhealthy and haggard.

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, being intentional about finding a sleep schedule that fits your lifestyle is important to functioning well in life. Living on energy drinks or coffee works for a while but in the long run will do more damage than good. Let’s challenge ourselves to make adequate sleep a priority this year and I believe we will see ourselves more energized and focused while we are awake!

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