Positioning Yourself for the Best Year Yet: Learning to Say No

(This is Day 1 of a 10 day series of Tips to Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever)

The first step to positioning ourselves for an amazing 2015 is…

Learning to say ‘NO’.

In a culture where busy is celebrated and rest is frowned upon as laziness, this can be a tough follow through. But in our world of ‘yes’ to every new activity, every new class, every new sport, every new church service… our life can become so cluttered and stressful that we lose our enjoyment of life itself. Running from one place to the next, having a ‘have and do it all’ mentality has become our American life and we have suffered from it. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans are effected by adrenal fatigue, which in short, means that we are trudging through life with a tank half empty, because we are overrun by stress. I believe God’s best is that we are free and whole in body, soul and spirit so it’s important to keep our physical bodies healthy and rested.

The first step to being able to say ‘no’ is to sit down and write out your priorities in life. Your goals. Your passions. The circle of loved ones who are nearest and dearest to you when it comes to who you like to spend time with. Prayerfully making this list will highlight what should truly be the YES’s in your life and thus, point out where you can start saying no. If it doesn’t fit in to what your priorities for your life are – there’s no reason to waste your time and energy pouring into it. If volunteering 3 times a week is robbing you of a relationship with your own kids, it’s time to reevaluate that commitment. If you are passionate about mentoring one on one, why are you wasting your time on a public speaking class? Why are you going to that small group every week, if you come home feeling zapped of energy and angry?

So do it today. Write out your list of life priorities, your passions, what you want your life to look like in 5 years… Then make a list of all the ‘extras’ that are a part of your life. This should include anything that is not your job or school. Church activities, sports and fitness activities, volunteering, educational classes…. There may be 4 services a week at church you CAN be involved in but maybe it’s time to let go of the good for God’s best. His best includes you being healthy, free and whole. It includes good family relationships. So maybe it’s time to take one of those time slots and dedicate it to a family game night. Or a weekly coffee date with your spouse. When we learn to say NO, we free up time and energy for the truly important YES’s in our lives!