My Kids Are Powerful, Not Just Cute

Being mama to 4 daughters, I’ve heard the phrase, “They’re soooo cute!” numerous times over the past 16 years. As a general term of endearment, I’m totally ok with this. In fact, a mama could beam with pride when she hears this – I’m sure I have. But there’s certain situations when I never like people saying that about my kids. Or any other kids for that matter. It’s when they are ministering to people around them.

Just as it is not ‘cute’ when my powerful, man-of-God husband lays his hands on someone needing a touch from Jesus, it is not ‘cute’ when my young, believing girls do the same. It is powerful. It is dynamic. It is life-giving. Things happen. Supernatural things. Life-altering things. Jesus things.

Though my girls, and other Spirit-filled young people – toddler to teen, are shorter and yes, probably even cuter, they have the same Holy Spirit inside of them that my Pastor does. That the life-giving preacher on TV does. Though not as mature or experienced in some things, my kids HAVE experienced the power of Jesus flowing through them many times and have faith that when they touch someone, something happens. They have, for the most part, grown up in the atmosphere that this is completely normal Christianity – normal for adults but totally normal for kids too. Praying for healing for someone or giving someone a word of encouragement is not some adorable achievement that should be gushed over but it is a product of knowing WHO God is and WHO they are.

Am I proud of them when I watch them minister to people? Absolutely. I celebrate their risk-taking and their faith. Just like I celebrate when I see adults do the same. It’s the Holy Spirit moving through them all and watching God move powerfully through people is my favorite!

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