At the Fair

This is Day 29 of “31 Days of Whimsical Encounters” – part of the #write31days challenge. To read all the posts in order, please visit the overview page.

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At first I didn’t know where we were, I just know Jesus and I were walking and eating hotdogs. Then the view opened up and I saw that we were walking through what was like a county fair. For a while, we were just walking through the fairgrounds, eating our hotdogs, chatting about who knows what. Then He led me to the door of one of the buildings, we walked in together. It was the horse stable. Only as we walked into the huge stable, it became an even bigger open pasture. We watched the horses as they galloped around, playing in the wide field. Though we stood on the edge of the field, it was as if we had a close up camera view of the horses as they ran. We could see their eyes, the way their manes blew in the wind. I could only think that this wasn’t an earthly place. After watching the horses for a while, we continued our walk through the grounds. The next building Jesus led me into was full of rabbits. Like 4-H kids would show at a county fair. Only these were no ordinary rabbits. There were huge! And fluffy! And when Jesus held one in His arms and then let it go to hop away, it leaped about 15 foot! We enjoyed watching the rabbits hop around for a while – no cages in here. Then we continued our walk.

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